Moon is closer to anxiety and pillows became friends with my tears.
Losing you will always remain an open wound.
Death didn’t even knock nor greet it just took you without saying goodbye.
You left my heart bleeding ,
My mind blurry of memories which are slowly fading.

You were a rose amongst thorns ,
You remained a pillar in a destroyed building,
You were an antibiotic to every heartache.
Peace and love is what you preached and practised.
That smile full of melanin rich gums is what I beg to see once again.

I’ve learnt to smile showing no emotion
Life without you has been a rollercoaster.
Tears roll down whenever I hear”Lucky”,
Indeed I was lucky to have a brother like you.

In my heart you still reign as the owner.
I miss you every second of the clock,
But I know you’ve become my guardian angel.