He knocks on my door

Early at first light

There comes an uninvited guest.

Riding on a black cloud

With a beard as dark as night

And a sly grin on his face.

We all know what he came for.

But no one intended or expected his arrival.

He knocks louder.

Nearby ravens flee in fear.

And the silent noises become louder.

Outside, death is lurking.

Creeping and peeking in our windows

As we all wearily stare.

Suspiciously at the old

Suspiciously at the sick

But we all know

It can be anyone.

Death holds no favour.

The rich, the sick, the young, the beautiful, the famous, and the poor

He takes whom he wills.

He has neither a standard nor a race.

So fair is his unfair embrace.

He is as pure as a newborn.

And he does not judge.

Just an angelic messenger

On a quest to return the lost children

To the garden of the father

And when he claims you,

The womb of the earth will be ripped open.

Stripped naked and bare skin

Inside Earth, they will abandon you.

Surrounded by nothing but darkness

Your faith will comfort you.

Either it is heaven, hell, the resurrection, eternal life, or nothingness.

But regardless 

Death is a fate that we will all share.