When my lovers,
love fades to grey
I must gather the strength
to face, a new, lonely day
I remember,
how we confessed
our love to each other
Beneath autumn’s
orange coloured leaves,
in May.

Your words of love
Future promises,
Made me, throw my arms
carelessly into the air
and recklessly sway,
All my fears of love away.
Your beautiful soul,
presence and intense gaze
Your voice, your memory,
your entire being
Sweet words, exchanged,
That left our hearts ablaze
In our hearts and minds,
we knew
That, we were created side by side
The Adam, to my Eve
Aphrodite certified
Our intense lover’s breeze
Oh, those were our
best romantic days.

We were thrusted to Earth
Our bodies were flung
into separate corners of the world
Blinded by life’s many lusts
Deafened by sweet lies
by life’s chaotic confusion
Fate kicked in,
and we found each other,
But when that happened?.

Our end was due
We were poisoned
by human expectations.
So many moments gone
Words uttered,
Our souls guttered
We have both,
come to rue…

With each passing
tick of the clock
Time went by,
cracks began to reflect
Petty humans, we became
a mockery, to name
No side left to blame

And so the spoils
of our love began,
To shrivel
Once again, we tire,
of constant bicker
Of this burdened bond,
Which felt like
a mountain of sorrow,
Centered in a melancholy,
river of tears
and neverending heartache

Our hourglass of patience,
Ran dry…
Words of “love” became,

In heaven,
we were soulmates
On earth,
we became strangers


In another life,
we will reunite
and rekindle
the love we once knew
I am tormented
By the thought
Of completely losing you
you finding someone new…

But alas,
In this moment, I find myself,
As always…
Reminscing of you…
Beneath autumn’s
orange coloured leaves,
Nostalgic for the love…
That, I have felt before,
To visit me once more.