Many know me for my ever smiling face

If only they knew the battles l fight within

If only they knew the demons in me

Feelings of being lost and with no way out

You are strong l am told

But l do not see that strength

I look at the mirror and what l see

Is a person who is screaming out for help

All l see is a person who wants to be set free

All l see is this weak individual who masks herself with a smile

Ohh when will she get her freedom

Age keeps increasing and she still has nothing to her name

Dreams put on hold

Wishes turned to ashes

She asks herself if maybe happiness is for other people

Thoughts crowd her head, invading everything in there

Becareful she might burst a nerve thinking

She prays, she has hopes, she wishes

Maybe one of her dreams will come through

2022 is the year she wrote this.

Being me.

I share positivity but l hope for the same to be done for me.

She is exhausted, being me

She is in pain, being me

Reflections of the mirror

Looking deep inside l see the most broken version

The pieces that need to be put together

The glue that needs to put those pieces together

Is probably the most expensive glue ever

I call myself gracefully broken For

With those broken pieces of me I manage to glue others together

While l am bleeding personally.

And that is being me

Being me