Nobody can understand me
This long life ahead Is terrifying me,
I Wish I was told that loving someone would hurt me
I am broken and nobody can fix me…

Pages of pages stray around the room
My messy poems lies next to the broom
for my peace sake I unlock my next room,
I day dream my destructive tendencies
I left all that, one day I’ll own my premises,
Love hurt as much as it loves
too many secrets and too many feelings
I am done, I am free and have no regrets…

I am from eighteen to nineteen
Someone told me to do painting,
I am rapper not painter
and I know that I am a winner,
I whip my ass off for my kid to get It better, that’s all I ever wanted and to see my family getting the better…

To me love comes like a heart attack
It comes as a surprise and just attack,
It comes like a devil wearing all black
to crush and kill my humanity,
For my wish is to build it with honour
and glory, the happiness and joy
of love makes me alive and crazy
I end up thinking about rings and the baby

I kick the old me and bring the new me
i forget all the shit and bring the new blee,
I am not a fighter but a lover style of a bee
I am girlish, stylish and pink is the best colour
I am a man but different from the others I am not louder,
I am old school I believe in peace and respect not In power….

I close my eyes and start wishing
for the better things and my living,
I sing and rap i elevate that’s growing
I am tranquil for great things I am waiting,
feelings come and go fuck that I live happy without them….