I thought I was wise gave friends advice even considered getting baptized and I could smell more than pies before you didn’t even have to think twice
But you filled my head with lies promised me paradise but I should have known you were a parasite.
You showed me smiles and I let you past my thighs well you called it your prize but your touch came with a price.
I found myself stripped of my pride. 
Was alive for a while but died silently. 
Well, we can say I melted like ice joined the sleepless nights club With a few bottles of regret. Damn should have seen the signs.
Your touch left me paralyzed and disgusted with myself .You left me scarred and hopeless.
Found myself in random beds with tears falling down my eyes. I don’t blame you.
Could never verbalize my experience after all I thought I loved you too .
Visited my memories to see if I painted you as the bad guy too quickly reality is …You finished satisfying yourself and left crying tangled between your sheets.
Your favorite line of the question “Why are you crying? ” Wish I had answered and told you how many times I died with every thrust but you, not the bad guy.
Now I can look back at the memories without tears falling and scars forming. You touched my skin first but I found peace first