Because of you,

I did things differently.

Because of you,

I said, “It stops here”.


I knew before you,

I didn’t want that life.


I knew before you,

I wouldn’t let what I had had,

Be the life that my babies would have.


But when I had you,

I felt the shout from within…

I felt the stories of cycles closing.

And I knew right then and there when I held you that,

Generational patterns and

Generational curses –

they were done and had broken my emotions.


For you,

For me

For us

I broke the cycle and

Now you won’t have to…


You won’t have to wonder what it must be like to have your affording parent.

You won’t have to heal from your childhood

and ask if there was something you could have done differently.

You won’t have to wonder if there’s something you could do to try to provide at a young age.

You won’t have to break a curse in your cycle because the curse has already been broken for you


It’s gone

For you,

For me,

that curse is broken, my sweet baby.


We write a new story,

For you and I and generations to come.

What’s in the past is done.