We were told it is what we see not within;
Is it? Is it really?
What about the blind? Can they see that beauty or feel that?.
What about the poor, can they afford to pay for that beauty.
What about me? What about the other me’s?
We usually look at the Word Beauty as To Physique but what is Beauty?
Is it your smile?your eyes? Your faces? I do not understand.
I dont understand , I was Told by The Legendary King that even in poor the beauty is within us.
Your careass to others ,your charisma, Your Thank yous and Please, your self centered live is beauty,Your heart is beauty..
So what is beauty really. Is how you view your neighbours house and Cars Beauty?
Is how you compare your income and your thoughts of giving beauty?No Miss No .
Beauty is You, Yourself,Your love for inner peace and eternal life that is Beauty
Beauty is understanding that you do not change your look, beauty is not about enhancing Beauty is about emvracing.