Our Skin Colour Doesn’t Classify Our Hearts
Where Is Our Confidence?
What Happened To Embracing Our Own Skin?
Why Being Ashamed Of Being Dark Or Lighter?
I Mean We All Made In Different Ways
Afterall We Still Human Beings,We Breathe The Same Air And We All Come From One
We Are All Beautiful And Unique In Every Skin Colour
What’s So Different To Be Treated Otherwise?
We All Deserve To Be Loved Your Skin Colour Doesn’t Make You Different From Others
The Pressure From Social Media Platform?
You Wanna Look Bright In Order To Be Noticed?
You,My Darling You’re A King…You’re A Queen With Your Natural Melanin And Unique Beauty
Go On And Embrace It!
Remember Always Be You And Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin Colour
Afterall Our Skin Colour Doesn’t Classify Our Hearts
One Love