Shopping is supposed to be fun.
That’s why some say that it is the best therapy.
Just going through everything,
While you are picking and choosing what you love.
Whether it’s groceries, shoes, or clothes.
All of us should feel free and comfortable while shopping.
Not me here is my story.
I enter my “favourite shop” to do some shopping.
But as I’m pushing the trolley and picking and choosing,
All of my favourite items one by one,
I notice something very strange.
There he was! The security guard is following me around!
A lot of things are going through my head.
Why is this guy following me around?
Does he really think that I’m going to steal something?
This isn’t the first time he is doing this to me.
I feel so uncomfortable and bad.
I want to leave the trolley in the middle of the shop sometimes and leave,
But I can’t cause I need these things.
So I continue with my shopping.
While the security guard is still following me.
Not every young black or coloured guy/girl is a Tsotsi!
Not every young black or coloured guy/girl is a thief.
Even if we don’t wear fancy clothes.
We are hardworking, honest, and independent.
We go to the shops to buy like everyone else.
Allow me to shop in peace and freely.
Allow me to also enjoy my shopping.
I think I also deserve that.