A broken hearted soul
With just 13% battery
Eyes filled of pain
The colour of her eyes resembling the pain in her heart
A hole, impossible to fill
Memories as bitter as Lemon
With no hope
She had to trust God
When all walls were tumbling down
When nothing seemed to make sense
She prayed
With no words to utter
But tears for God to atleast hear her cries
Left in the dark
A place she fought so hard to forget and leave
Back to square one with a different perspective
In a room full of Broken breeds
Life seemed pointless
Her body shut down
She couldn’t face reality
She tried to imagine she’s okay
She pinched herself and realized it’s real
With no hope
She just wanted the days to pass by as fast as they could
I thought I was healed, she said
I guess this brought back memories and pain
A room she built to isolate herself from pain
I want to destroy this room, but I can’t
It feels like home
Welcome back to life/Reality