Birth is the process and death, the end-product.
Farewell has no warning and I was never ready to say it

As I try to forgive myself for not coming to say my goodbyes
As I try to keep your memories alive while everyone seems to be forgetting
I wish I’d said my final goodbyes, maybe I would have been able to move on

I was unable to say goodbye to grandfather and I’m sorry for that
His death like yours never seem real to me
I hope you understand, I couldn’t get it through my head
As I try to make life meaningful I find myself not knowing the purpose of it

Your death destroyed me completely
They won’t understand it but you were a huge part of my life
No need cares anymore, but everyday pass and my heart never seem to be whole
I wish I’d said I love you when the coffin went down
I can’t get over you I’m sorry