Hello there

She said to me

While I was walking

Down the dusty road

Busy thinking about

How many individuals Have

Walked this path

Her tiny voice

Captured My ears

When my eyes met hers

I knew then

That I have met an

Angel in human form

Her hair was uncombed

Her legs ashy

He body adorned with a dress

That has seen better days

But still she looked majestically

All those imperfections didn’t matter at all

But she did

I knew from there

That I was doomed

She repeated with her tiny voice

Hello are you okay?

I was tongue tied

I continued staring at her until

She disappeared

I never got to reply back to her

With a silly smile I continued

With my walk

But my thoughts changed

She was all I could think about

Until we meet again angel…

By JM Thobela/infamous M