We were accounting the accounting records 
And surely this accounting has made us
Feel like we’re accountants 
We began to fall in love with numbers 
Not knowing that there’s no infinity 
Working out on records and balance sheets 
It’s really hard work on someone else 
But to us, it’s a good thing to do
Sometimes we come by to meet new people 
And in turn, we’re seen as we have forgotten 
The old ones but truly we’re not
We are experiencing an excitement of a
New horizons cause the old ones to seem
Not interesting because there’s a 
Lack of enthusiasm and attraction
All new things come up with excitement 
And in the end they come up with excruciating pain
Because life is a test and in life there’s a fail
So aim high and keep your interests above 
and see what will happen tomorrow
We know that we’re giving you a lot but
Neither of us we’ve learned it that way