My name already says a bunch about me.
My personality, my physique and my strength attest to that.
The way I see the world and the way the world sees me says a lot to many than words ever can.

I’m am success in the making.
A woman highly dominating the world.
A treasure worth waiting for.
A true self-driven hurricane striking every success coming across its way.

I crave the world as much as it craves me, I am a woman of vision.
A woman of many capabilities and skills.
A woman of virtue and authority.
I don’t need a microscope to see that my future bright because it is boldly printed in the skies.

I inspire many as much as many inspire me.
The world is my playground and I am always up for every challenge it throws at me.
I don’t wait for opportunities but I create them myself because I can.

I am ever humble yet sophisticated.
When the world sees me, it bows down to me for it sees the greatest when it turns my direction, for I embrace my uniqueness and strengths with so much love.

I was born a fighter, unshakable and incredibly amazing.
I go through so much pain physically, naturally and emotionally yet I always make it.

I do a lot of compromises and sacrifices for those I love, even when my efforts sometimes comes back to haunt me or have greater consequences.

My heart is rich, full of love comfort, kindness, empathy and care.
I am warrior, a conquerer, a hero and a champion.
I work hard to earn everything I believe in.

I take control of every situation I find myself in. I believe that no situation can overpower me as long as I pray.
I believe in myself, my dreams and my future.

I may not be a man but I believe that I’m my own king, my own night shining armor that can lead me to my dreams and my empire that will make my enemies bow down.

My presence shakes my opponents for I make a statement wherever I step my feet on.
Confidence is my middle name.
I am a woman supreme!