Oh when my heart shall find peace
Was I too blind too fool myself that I’ve found love atleast ?

Perhabs it hurt because i thought we’ll never depart

How truely,deeply and passionately in love with you will lead me to premature demise

I love you to death i still cant believe you gone
You really warmed the coeckles of y heart

Foolish i was not thinking one the bond shall collapse

And foolish gentle love i was building barricade as threhold of our relationship,but then boom the bond exploded

While you’re kn the other hand
Plans how quickly you can fursure my heart

I trusted you wholeheartedly sans being incertitude

I followed the feelings in your eyes lured into optical illusion of love initiated by you to I

O agony’tits now sheet to my heart
You made a fool of me
O sometimes i rue and detest falling for you

As they act proved my thoughts of the loving me are not quite the same

And the fact you turned yourself into cozen

Crashed my soul into many

And then melted my heart suchlike a breath in wind

Sans you can only fantasize happy life