She wanted to share her story to those she thought they cared about her only to find out that they are ready to celebrate her downfall
Anxiety took control of her life
She kept quiet
I would like to share my story with you but Im scared I will be the headlines of town
I’m scared I will be called a lady with no value
‘She said ” I am deeply hurt to a point I dont know a way forward ‘
She said that
Got to think I was only 13 years when all this happened
It took years for her to tell her story
She kept all this load on her shoulders for years
She is fighting but losing the battle
Imagine how it was
Having to look at a monster
Every single day
While you know that later you become his wife
Even though your mom is around
Is very painful
She said “he came to my room every single night
Even before he even go to work
He would come and just to rape me and feel good and be satisfied while I was crying and having pains he didnt care
He would leave me just like that
As if I am a used paper
That was thrown after being used I would cry to feel better ”
Her mom was told if she do anything she would be homeless
“I remember telling him to stop
He slapped me and continued to rape me
Going deeper and deeper than before I listened to him moaning having fun while I was hurting
I would pray and pray
Thinking he will stop
Things got worse when mom got a job far from home
Ooh I became a wife and a sexual object
I wasnt even ready for it
I tried to commit suicide as I wasnt ready for this
I had to spend days and nights crying so painfully
He would enjoy me during the day and at night I was the dessert