Heard that you’re the only place a girl could ever feel safe at
Heard that you’re the best comforter in times of distress
Heard that you’re a sanctuary to one who’s seeking peace
Heard that you’re a refuge to a girl hiding from reality
Even heard that you’re the best place to be after a steamy session of love making

But to me you were neither of those things
To me you were arms of my abuser
To me you were a necklace around my neck to suffocate me
To me you were a weapon formed against me

But at the same time you were arms of my comforter my nurse
Nursing me back to health after i provoked you to beat me up
By refusing to lay in sheets with you as i was apparently with my lover
But my lover was you the night before forcing yourself onto me

But you were arms of my provider who provided me with pain and sorrow.