Dear God
I’ve been making these prayers to you Lord,
That things may be better
That somewhere somehow I’ll see the light
But nothing’s better, it’s worse than yesterday

I’m tired of crying everytime I see others prosper
I’m tired of waiting for something taking so long,
Been working hard lately but nothing comes my way
The only thing I see is struggles coming my way,
I’m tired Lord, I want success, I want money now!

Been reading the Bible for a long time,
I’ve read of the wonders you did in the olden days
I’ve read of how you fed the Israelites,
But you’ve never done that to me Lord
You’ve never fed me, or am I doing something wrong?

Even the none believers are questioning my faith,
They’re questioning my God’s authority
They ask me of where is my God,
The Lord I always preach is the provider?
I always say he’s there, I tell them you live Lord
But why am I so damaged if you’re here?

The devil’s been giving me ideas,
Of how to survive, of how to live this life
You’ve never done that for me Lord
Does that mean Satan is the better God?
Does that mean the devil loves me more than you?

My father who art in heaven,
Do you see my misery?
Do you see the pain I’m going through?
Do you see me abandoning you?
Wait…is it me abandoning you
Or is it you who have abandoned me?

So I’ve made my decision God,
I’m selling my soul to the other Lord
He has promised me greatness,
Something you don’t want to give me
He has promised me a good life with no tears
But you God, you’ve never wiped my tears

I still love you God
But I can’t accept struggling under you,
You’re the God who owns everything
Then why do I have to suffer under you?
I’m sorry, but I’m making my choice,
I’m serving another Lord

I know I’ll be judged after this life,
But God it’s all on you
If you had given me more options,
I’d have chosen you
I would have chosen you my father
Dear God…