I can’t talk to him

Despite him being a good listener!

I can’t see him,

Despite him being there!

I can’t even feel him warm hug

Cause he’s away from me!

I can only feel him

Cause he’s there in my heart

He resides there in my mind

He’s the hero in all of my dreams

He’s the blood that flows in my veins

I feel like he’s the oxygen I need to see the next

He’s the tattoo designed painlessly in my heart

I don’t like him at all

I love him with my all

Dear Lord

Dear Almighty

If he’s the one designed for me,

If he’s the one thrown to me as angel

If he’s the rightfully meant for me

Please save him for me.

Please store him for.

Please embrace him so tightly for me because my hands are all tied

Please send him back to me again if it’s still possible

I love him

Yes I love him

It’s true I do!