Only hope knew that this day bears no gifts at all.
We stand and watch as our prayers cascade with the whipping tonados.
A chill runs down our spines ,we hate to shiver but our bodies are weak to fight the sensational sadness.
We tumble and break into tears.
Mourning a lost reality ,a lost chance at life.
Our hearts collide in solitute to comfort our fears.
But our minds reply the heart breaking scenes of the live we’ve lost again.
We build a raft and set to the unsettled ocean.
Cursing inbetween chattering waves , that ooze a cold feeling into us.
We’ve got ourselves to survive the storm.
So we grin and battle the furious see home.
Our hearts throbe in pain and our only prayer now is that
God spares our lives so we could see our families once more over a hot cup of Joe.