I lost my breath
Stealing glances without getting caught,
I smell those beautiful flowers ohh they just take my breath
Silly me I picked one and just left…

I am sitting here thinking
as I am watching them growing,
two beautiful butterflies got my attention,
As i move they’re flipping their wings up and down wow what a beautiful view, i am no longer going,
I stand to fetch a jag of water, on the flowers and butterflies I am pouring,
Their bodies are shaking, the plant and flowers are dancing and glowing,
What more could I have done than to make the heavens smiling…

Seeing those “Rosa honey perfumes” and “Rosa Arthur bells” gave me their attractive looks that rang my bells ohh yes, I am taking them home where are their bills, a small voice from the till saying “here are the bills” I smile as I am taking the money and she’ll be doing the countings…

I am bonding with those flowers
I don’t know why maybe they have some powers, they’re so alive I am standing there watching them for hours, powerful flowers looks glamorous…