WARNING: This piece contains descriptions of sexual abuse

I heard rumors spreading,

people saying,

that I’m playing the victim of rape.

I later found myself explaining,

to people telling,

my side of the shame.

I witnessed people whispering,

to each other laughing,

saying that I’m only promiscuous.

With every day passing,

my hope is ending

as they’re calling my truth “shenanigans”.

My heart begins aching,

everytime my mind starts reliving

the trauma I went through.

It was a Wednesday evening,

My mom was out working,

and my father had finally got a job too.

In my room I was finishing bathing,

Spit second,

the door went flying,

There stood papa with eyes blood red.

He had a strong smell of brewery,

Looking at him, I immediately

Felt a sudden chill I can’t comprehend.

With a knife on his hand, he came rushing

“Dear father, what are you doing?”.

But my cry fell on deaf ears.

He strangled my neck roughly,

Hit my head against the wall tirelessly,

Then held the knife to my face.

I fought but his masculinity,

surpassed my limited capability,

You must be asking, what happened to thee?

He stripped away my sanity,

Stabbed my thighs countlessly,

Before he forced his way on me.

That’s not all really,

I begged him to forgive me dearly,

Couldn’t predict what was on his mind.

How could I have slept with him willingly,

If he choked me, stabbed me repeatedly,

Conquering his offspring, his own child.

With no energy left, I faded slowly,

in a distance I could hear my mom calling,

On the door way she stood, stunned.

She watched him showing no sympathy,

but today surprisingly,

she’s the one spreading rumors that I, lied.