Depression is pain
A pain that is like a balloon
A pain that won’t need any good reason to blast
A poet my age said
” depression is a pandemic ”
I beg to agree with him
Everyday , everywhere
We meet depressed people
If not meeting them
We hear stories
Sad stories that they committed suicide
My mind feels flooded everytime i hear a story like this
Because i know depression is pain
A pain that will hold you hostage
You’ll be left with questions like , where did this pain come from ?
Its sad
Depression is pain
A pain that is like a relative visiting
It will eventually leave but will come back again
Its sad
Because depression is pain
A suffocating pain
That overwhelms me with sadness
A pain that will make you see living as a constant
Dear depressed friend
I know exercise and medication won’t fix this
Dear depressed friend
You’re the only person who can help yourself
Suicide doesn’t end the pain
But transfers it to the person left behind
Think of another solution
You’re the heart of the world child