Maybe this is my last Christmas.

I really don’t know.

Only our Heavenly Father knows.

The day was just so amazing.

It was great being surrounded by my family.

I enjoyed every minute of it.

But even though I was having a good time.

In some strange way something felt missing.

I tried very hard to shake off that feeling.

But the more I tried the stronger it got.

But if this is my last Christmas.

It’s okay cause it was a blessed day.

I don’t have any regrets but I have one last wish.

I wish that I can have one last Christmas like this again.

If I can choose I’ll choose this day again.

The Lord knows my heart and mind.

Something keeps on whispering things in my ear.

Things that make me feel very depressed and anxious

I don’t know how I’ll be able to fight this off.