Happy celebration of Human Rights Day,
Human rights is to be celebrated.
Let us celebrate our day,
by being considerate to each other.

We are rejoicing,
we are rejoicing,
because it our right
to celebrate this day.

It is Human Rights Day,
We are celebrating this day
to remind ourselves
as humans that
we have rights.

We recognize
each other
because of these rights.

We all have a right,
a right to a living.

We have rights,
power to contribute positively
in our communities.

And to support one another,
as a nation,
knowing that we can.

We can
make it together.

We need each other
as a nation
to conquer and fight
all life’s battles.

Life’s battles brings us,
brings us closer,
closer to achieving,
to achieving our dreams.

I need you as much
as you need me.

Ke motho ka wena,
Ka ge le wena
O le motho kana.

Ga re swarisaneng ba gayeso.