(At Evelyn’s home)

Sarah: My child died for nothing she deserves justice.

John: You are right Sarah, our child deserves justice, we must make sure that Londeka Zulu rots in jail

Leah: Ek is mis my groot sussie, I really miss my big sis

Sarah: It’s gonna be okay baby, we just want justice for jou groot sussie okay

John: Gosh I just wish to see this Londi and strangle her

Sarah: It’s ok darling Londi will rot in jail no matter what and I have to make sure that she does


(Londi on a taxi going to see Mvelo)

(Londi at Mvelo’s house)

Londi: (Shouting) Mveloo!

Mvelo: I’m coming

Londi: Suprise!

Mvelo: Baby!

(They hug)

Londi: How are you

Mvelo: Baby is this really you, ngisharp wena?

Londi: I’m also good, I came here to see you and say goodbye because I’m moving to Gauteng soon

Mvelo: What are you going to do there

Londi: To study

Mvelo: When

Londi: When my application has accepted

Mvelo: Which school did you apply in

Londi: UJ

Mvelo: Me too, I applied there

Londi: That means we will go there together

Mvelo: Of course

Londi: Wow

(Few moments later)

Londi: Mvelo I need to go home

Mvelo: Take this baby (gives her a R200 note)

Londi: You must be kidding me Mvesta

Mvelo: No I’m not baby, take it, it’s yours

Londi: Thank you ( hugs him) love you

(Mvelo accompanies Londi to the taxi rank)

Mvelo: I want us to be serious about our relationship and not play games

Londi: Oh

Mvelo: Goodbye babe

Londi: Sharp

(They hug, Mvelo goes home Londi rides a taxi, on the way to home, she meets Evelyn’s mother)

Sarah: Hi Londeka

Londi: Hi miss Sarah

Sarah: Shouldn’t you be in jail

Londi: Ehem

Sarah: You bloody witch, how could you kill your friend, Huh , you are a wicked witch nxx, you deserve to rot in jail or six feet under

Londi: (shocked) But I did not kill her on purpose, she would have killed me if I did nothing, and it was self defense

Sarah: Liar, you killed her knowing very well that you have planned to kill her

Londi: No that’s not true

Sarah: It is

Londi: Sarah just believe that I didn’t kill her on purpose!

Sarah: Believe what, Huh, you think I will buy your damn little story, Huh

Londi: Better not believe it , I don’t care, all I know is that I’m telling the truth (Walks away)


(At Sarah’s house)

Sarah: John hit me

John: Why

Sarah: Just do it , I’m up to something here

John: (Gives her a big punch on the cheek)

Sarah: Ouch, but thanks, I will be back (goes away)


(At the police station)

Sarah: (Crying) Plss help me

Policeman: What is wrong mam

Sarah: That girl Londi punched me

Policeman: Why

Sarah: Because I… (Pretends to cry)

Policeman: It’s ok have some water, you can go home me and my partner will take care of this

Sarah: (Smiles) Thank you so much (Walks away)


(At Londi’s house)

Knock on the door

MaZulu: Ngyeza ( Opens the door) hawu, Bantu bomthetho, nifunani la

Policeman: Sifuna uMiss Londeka Zulu

Londi: Hawu sengenzeni mina

Thembi: Londi, muntu womthetho wenzeni manje uLondi

Policeman: (Cuffs Londi) You are under arrest for harassing Miss Sarah, you have a right to remain silence, call your lawyer or if you don’t have it, the court will get one for you

MaZulu: Nkosiyami, Londi, ungayenza kanjani nje into enjena

Thembi: Nkulunkulu thethelela

Londi: Mama I did nothing

Policeman: Asambe wena ( Puts her in the van)

Thembi: (Shouting) Londi kuzo lunga sizokukhipha ejele

MaZulu: (calls Constable Ndlovu)

MaZulu: Mlungisi

Constable Ndlovu: Yebo Hlengiwe

MaZulu: ULondi useboshiwe

Constable Ndlovu: Wenzeni Manje uLondi

MaZulu: LamaPhoyisa athi ushaye uSarah

Constable Ndlovu: Hubani uSarah Manje

MaZulu: Umhamha Ka Evelyn

Constable Ndlovu: Ngiyabonga ngokungazisa, ngisayo mhlenga

MaZulu: Kulungile Mlungisi(Drops phone)