*3 weeks later*

(At Mpho’s house)

Alfred: Mpho morwa waka, o swanetse o ba le mosadi

Harriet: Papago o nepile morwa, o tsofetse biale

Mpho: Mama le papa, you guys want me to have a wife? But I’m still young I’m not old

Madimpho: Mme le papa ba nepile

Mpho: Dimpho, you agree with them

Madimpho: Eya

Mpho: I don’t think that’s a good plan

Harriet: Mpho, I need someone to help me with the house chores that’s why I want you to have a wife

Mpho: Mara Dimpho o teng

Alfred: Of course she is here but she is still young

Madimpho: Mama kebatla o bapala le bagrodi baka

Harriet: Ok, go play, but don’t come back late

Madimpho: Holokile Mme

Mpho: Batswadi, I want to tell you something

Harriet: Ok

Alfred: Holokile bua morwa

Mpho: there is this girl I am interested in, her name is Londeka Zulu, I love her so much, I wanted to tell her that I love her but papa, you disturbed me by calling me for Bible study

Alfred: Ke maswabi morwa, but you can try again next time

Mpho: Batswadi ke tswanetse ke tsamae

Harriet: Holokile morwa waka