The secret

At Sipho’s house the boys are still there after receiving the terrible news of the passing away of their mother.

Sipho: you boys are always welcome in my house and you could sleep here if you want.

Thabo: thank you Bhuti Sipho, come Thabang let us go home.

When they arrived home, Tsepho and Nomsa are dancing and both of them are drunk and the music is so loud.

Thabang rushed to the plug and switched off the music.

Tsepho: (so angry and shouting) who the hell do you think you are , coming to my house and switching off my music.

Thabang: you are busy here dad dancing while our mother had died.

Nomsa: you shut up Thabang, you can’t speak to your father like that. My man yhuu Tsepho I told you these boys do not have respect at all.

Thabo: you shut up wena Nomsa and leave us now in my mothers house.

Tsepho: Thabo, do not speak to Nomsa like that you dog, Nomsa is not going anywhere and you know what, it is you boys that are leaving my house today, you boys must voetsek right now in my house.

Thabang: dad , you do not even care what I just said.

Thabo: come zalo , do not even call this dog a dad , come let us go.

Nomsa: Tsepho did you hear what Thabo has just called you.

Tsepho: (took out a gun and pointed at Thabo in the head) I will kill you , don’t test me my boy, I will kill you so that you go and join your mother in heaven.

While Tsepho is pointing the gun to Thabo, likely Sipho entered the house as he had shouting and decided to come and check.

Sipho: (shocked) Tsepho, what are you doing, put the gun down, (also pointing his gun at Tsepho). Put the gun down as if you shoot Thabo, I will also shoot you.

Tsepho: You dog Sipho, what are you doing in my house, you know that dogs are not welcomed in my house.

Sipho: I said put the gun down Tsepho.

Tsepho did what Sipho was asking.

Sipho: come boys, you do not deserve to stay here.

The boys took their clothes and while they were leaving with Sipho.

Tsepho: get out all of you in my house and I do not want to see you anymore in my house you dogs. As for you Sipho, you have messed with the wrong person. I will deal with you.

Everyone does not know that Tsepho is the one here who is dealing with drugs and a lot of teenagers have been using these drugs and dying. All the criminals are controlled by him and they call him Bra Tsepho and they can do anything he asks them to do.

At Sipho’s place,

Sipho: Zizipho go my daughter and show the boys were they would be sleeping.

Zizipho: okay dad.

Zizipho same age with Thabo. Both of them are doing matric but the difference is Zizipho is attending her matric at a private school as compared to Thabo.

While Zizipho is taking the boys to the place they would be sleeping in, she could not stop looking at Thabo and also Thabo his eyes was on her and could not even listen to what Thabang was saying.

At the room, the boys on bed.

Thabo: zalo what were you saying

Thabang: Ah zalo I noticed the way you were looking at Zizipho and I knew you were not listening to me, it is fine zalo let us sleep.

Thabo smiling and having the pictures of the smile of Zizipho on his head. Also Zizipho on her room smiling having the pictures of Thabo in her imaginations while she is on bed.

In the morning, it is saturday so no one is going to school and it is breakfast time. Everyone is on the table.

Thabang: yhoo Bhuti Sipho , so much food and what is that

Sipho: Those are mushrooms my son.

Thabo is busy looking at Zizipho while eating and also Zizipho is looking at Thabo.

Sipho notices the two looking at each other and tried to disturb them.

Sipho: so Thabo are you enjoying your breakfast my son.

Thabo not even hearing Sipho.

Sipho: Thabo my son can you hear me.

Thabo: oh sorry , sorry Bhuti Sipho what were you saying about Kaizer Chiefs.

Thabang and Zizipho both laughing.

Zizipho: no Thabo , dad was asking are you enjoying your breakfast.

Thabo: oh sorry Bhuti Sipho, you see I have never have a breakfast like this in my life, this is so nice.

Zizipho taking the dishes and going to the kitchen.

Thabo: oh let me go and assist you Zizipho with the dishes.

Zizipho: that would be nice Thabo

Sipho: no Thabo I want us to talk as men and also about Kaizer Chiefs (smiling) as you mentioned it. Thabang my son please assist Zizipho.

Zizipho: but dad

Sipho: grabbing Thabo on the had, come my son let us go.

At night, Thabo thinking about Zizipho and thinking he just have to tell her how he feels about her.

Thabo jumped out of the bed decided he is going to tell her. While he was jumping out of the bed going to Zizipho’s room also Zizipho was thinking the same to go to Thabo. So they both met outside the door. And did not even say a word and started kissing. While they were kissing , Sipho was going to the toilet and he saw them kissing and he looked so sad and worried.

Sipho went back to his room angry and he was so angry that he opened a bottle of whiskey at started drinking. Sipho never drink at night but today he did. What was eating Sipho up, as that was love he saw. The truth is Sipho was having an affair with Cindy. When Thabo was born, Sipho was very angry that he decided Cindy to take a test to prove who is the father or else if Cindy does not want to he will tell Tsepho about their affair.

Cindy took the test and it came as Sipho being the biological father of Thabo. So all in all Thabo and Zizipho are related. That is why Sipho was worried when he saw at the breakfast how the two were looking at each other. That is why when he saw the two kissing, he had to do something he has never done to drink at night. Cindy begged Sipho to keep this a secret as Cindy knew the dealings of Tsepho, the drugs and the people Tsepho has ordered to be killed by the criminals associated with him. So Cindy said if Tsepho found out the boy was not his, he would kill her, kill the boy and also kill you. So Sipho kept this secret.

Sipho while he is drinking he is now thinking of what is happening his daughter and his son kissing and both not knowing they are related, should I tell them, he is thinking but then if I do that would mean I am killing me and my son by Tsepho. Sipho, thinking and praying , oh Lord , what should I do in this situation, should I tell them or chase Thabo out of my house as this would also help as Thabo would not be able to see Zizipho. But then if I am chasing Thabo it means Thabang will also want to go with Thabo since he is his brother. ( To be continued on Chapter 3)