Gomora: (laughing and drinking a bottle of whiskey) dance my king , dance my king, dig up this hole, dig it up my king.

Sodom: mkhuluwa (meaning my big brother) this is tiring, I am so tired. (while he is busy digging up the hole).

Gomora: do not be soft now zalo, let us hurry up while everyone is still sleeping, you want them to caught us, give me the spade let me take out the soil myself zalo (laughing and grabbing the spade and giving me the bottle of whiskey).

Gomora is digging while me I am watching him so wet and drinking the bottle of whiskey he gave me.

Gomora: pass me that plastic bag.

I passed him that plastic bag and we burried that plastic bag and then left here at 4am.

30 years earlier

Thabo is doing his matric and Thabang is doing Standard 8. The brothers are at the bus station waiting for the arrival of their mother Cindy since it is December.

Thabo: Zalo , you see now (smiling) our mother is coming today , also us we will be like other children also happy like them.

Thabang: you see Zalo , no more eating pap with no meat now. Yhoo I can’t wait to eat KFC (also smilling)

Thabo: wait zalo with KFC , there is an issue at home that needs a serious attention when mom arrives.

Thabang: say that again zalo and that pisses me alot.

The brothers waited and waited and now they have been there at the bus station for more than an hour.

Thabang: zalo, are you sure that our mother is coming, we have been waiting here.

Thabo: (with a sad face now) relax zalo , relax zalo let us wait she is definately coming. (Thabo having a strange feeling inside but then does not want to dissapoint his little brother).

Meanwhile at home, the issue that Thabo was mentiong here saying wait with KFC there is an issue at home, is that their father Tsepho is living with another woman Nomsa in their mothers house. Cindy what a loving woman, a strong woman , who went to Joburg looking for work as her husband Tsepho did not want to support her and the children. Cindy left the children to work at Joburg so that her boys could eat and have clothes like other children.

At home now,

Nomsa: Tsepho, where are your two idiots Thabo and Thabang. I am thirsty here my beer is finishing I want them to go and buy me another beers KwaMadlamini. Yhuu your sons Tsepho are dogs , pure dogs, they are pitbulls mahn.

Tsepho: (drinking the beer and drunk) you see Nomsa , those two boys , I doubt they are my sons, they are too weak and soft.

Nomsa: They are weak, you are right my man, that Cindy wife of yours was definately cheating on you. You see mahn those boys are not yours trust me my man.

Tsepho: (sipping a beer and going to put on some music) don’t even mention that name in my house, that wife, I have already dealt with her.

Nomsa: (looking at Tsepho and shocked at the same time) Tsepho what do you mean now you have dealt with her.

Tsepho: stop now Nomsa, as I told you, I have dealt with her already.

Back at the bus station and now it is 8pm.

Thabo went to the security officer.

Thabo: sorry Sir , are there any buses from Johannesburg still coming.

Security Officer: Sorry my son, you see that was the last bus that arrived at 7:30 pm.

There is no hope now. Thabo left the security officer so sad and went to his little brother.

Thabo: come little brother let us go home.

Thabang did not even ask questions as he could see on his brothers face something is wrong. While they are going home Thabo received a phonecall from Sipho his neighbor.

Sipho: (on the phonecall) Hello Thabo, where are you and Thabang

Thabo: (also on the phonecall) we are coming from the bus station Bhuti Sipho.

Sipho: sorry boys please come straight to my house.

Thabo and Thabang rushed to Sipho’s house.

At Sipho’s house,

Sipho: Zizipho go my daughter and make the boys something to eat. My boys I am really sorry, I received a phonecall from a detective in Joburg and said he was trying to call your father but his phone is off. So they managed to find my number on your mothers phone and they decided to try it. Apparently my boys , your mother passed away.

Thabang jumping and started crying. Thabo rushing to Thabang to hug his little brother and also Sipho.

Thabo: please stop crying zalo I know it is painful, let us be strong (also having tears). Bhuti Sipho what happened , did they tell you what happened.

Sipho: your mother boys was shot five times and she died that is what the detective has said. (To be continued on Chapter 2).