Dinhle went home and told her parents what Zinhle did to her

In Amanda’s house

Dinhle and her parents are waiting for Zinhle at the lounge

Zinhle…And then who died😎

Andile…How could you do something like that to your twin

Zinhle…Wait Sir…who did Bongani date first between I and my πŸ™„ so called twin

Everyone went silent 🀫

Zinhle…yeah vela..it me πŸ˜₯ mara you don’t care coz it’s Zinhle the black sheep of this house, mara every f**cken day you pray and preach about God

Amanda…Yewena ntombazana watch your tone

Zinhle….you don’t have the right to stop me.. phela wena you are afraid of Andile Zulu and I’m not. This man has cheated on you more than 5 times mara your still in this love-less marriage, sham I pity you mxm if we are done….actually excuse me I don’t have time for this bull shit (while walking away)

Andile…Yerr this girl is disrespectful 😀

Dinhle…I hate her(while going to her room)

In Bongani’s apartment

Thato…I just saw Zinhle is everything good

Bongani…Eish ntwana I messed up big time

Thato…Don’t tell me you did it with her

Bongani… The worst thing is that Dinhle walked in and found us in action

Thato…Yohhh action 😧😡

Bongani…Tomorrow I’m going to get my girl