(Jason and Grace are inside Jason’s car waiting outside the house)

JASON: Thank you for today.

GRACE: I was doing it for you to know the truth.

JASON: Wow, okay. So what will happen if we find out the baby is mine?

GRACE: The baby is not yours, so please hold your horses. I need to go and rest.

JASON: (giggles and smiles) Good bye mommy.

GRACE: (annoyed) Bye Jason.

(Grace went inside the house. She then took off the clothes she was wearing to a normal summer dress. She then took a rest as Jason drove off. Later that day at 5pm, William came home from works tired. He then freshens up and wear vest and sleeping pants).

*Dinner table*

GRACE: (sips Orange juice) How was your day, my love?

WILLIAM: Tiring. I am so tired and also hungry at the same damn time.

GRACE: Lucky, I prepared wings and salad.

WILLIAM: From now on don’t cook, I’ll come with a take away. I don’t want you to put pressure on yourself and the baby.

GRACE: I don’t, I just want to take care of you, like I said in my wedding vows.

WILLIAM:(smiles) Yeah, and I’m so happy you are fulfilling your promise.

GRACE: No biggie my love. (Yawns) Hmm…my love me and this huge bump of mine are sleepy.

WILLIAM: Me too, you go to sleep and I’ll just clean here. I’ll wash the dishes in the morning.

GRACE: No don’t. I will wash them.

WILLIAM: If you say so…

(William and Grace went to sleep)

Tell us: Do you think William is a supportive husband?