(After an hour waiting for Jason, Jason finally came and they went to the hospital)

*Hospital, ward 5*

NURSE: Morning.

JASON AND GRACE: Morning Nurse.

NURSE: How are you two doing today?

GRACE: I’m nervous.

JASON: And I am happy.

NURSE: (weird look) Tjoo okay. How may I help you?

JASON: We are here to test.

NURSE: To test for what? HIV AND AIDS? Pregancy…

JASON: To tests is the baby mine or not.

NURSE: Uhmm okay. Please Mrs…

GRACE: Call me Grace.

NURSE: Okay. Are you two married, or?

GRACE: No we are not. I’m married to his brother.

NURSE: Okay.

(The Nurse took the test and everything was fine. She took Jason’s saliva and blood..Heyy everything was hectic and fast)

NURSE: (taking off the gloves) The results will be ready in a week or so.

GRACE: Okay, we’ll wait.

(As Jason and Grace was about to exist the ward, Grace meet the Doctor)

DOCTOR: Mrs Mbedu?

GRACE: Doctor?

DOCTOR: Are you fine? What are you doing here? Is the baby okay?

GRACE: We are fine doctor. I was here..for…Uhmm…

DOCTOR: For a what? I thought you were scanning with me in a week.

GRACE: I am still scanning, I was here for….

Jason inturupt

JASON: You know what doc, we would love to sit here the whole day and chat, but we have to go we are running late already. Bye!

(Grace and Jason exited the hospital and drove off with Jason’s black luxury Mercedes Benz AMG car)

DOCTOR: (to the Nurse) What was that?

NURSE: What was what?

DOCTOR: That! What were Mrs Mbedu and that man doing here?

NURSE: Who’s Mrs Mbedu?

DOCTOR: The woman and the man who just left.

NURSE: Ohh you mean them? Yoh wena awazi lutho, apparently they were here to take test. They wanted to see if the baby was that man she was sitting with or not.


NURSE: Yes Doc, eish another thing don’t tell anyone about this.

DOCTOR: Relax Nurse, if you won’t tell them the is nothing to worry about. Nobody should know about this.

NURSE: (Smiles) Thank you. But you know everything has it’s own price.

DOCTOR: How much do you want?

NURSE: 1k.

DOCTOR: 1 thousand rands?


DOCTOR: Eazy peazy, no problem. I’ll transfer it.

(Doctor checked the patient and left the ward still shocked from the news)

Tell us: Do you think the Doctor was being too nosy or wanted to know what’s going on? Why?