(In the sunny morning, Grace was woken up by the aroma of a toast, eggs and coffee. She woke up from the bed, wore her gown and went downstairs only to find her husband wearing a apron busy frying Viennas)

GRACE: (kiss from behind) Morning my love.

WILLIAM: Morning sweetie.(touches the belly) Morning boy-boy.

GRACE: Boy-boy? No, she’s a girl.

WILLIAM: How do you know that?

GRACE: I just know.

They both laughs and the is a silence

GRACE: (looking at the food) This food looks good. Can i have a taste?

WILLIAM: No. Wena you have to eat food that have vitamin and good for the baby.

GRACE: What do you mean?

WILLIAM: I mean you will eat fruit salad for breakfast.

GRACE: But, me and….my baby are craving toast.

WILLIAM: No darling, I won’t take a no for an answer. I’ll prepare food salad for you now now.

GRACE: Can I at least have a taste?

WILLIAM: I said No. (Laughs) Sorry.

(After that, Will prepare fruit salad for his wife and they eat. After eating they took a bath. While Will was taking a bath, Grace was sitting on their bed with a towel around her arms and on her long hair choosing an outfit for his husband)

GRACE: (looking at the black and blue suite, talking to herself) This black one doesn’t look too bad, so he wear this blue one.

(After deciding her phone rings and she answer it)

GRACE: (pissed, annoyed and whispering) Jason? What do you want?

JASON: Let’s do the tests today. I have decided.

GRACE: Today?

JASON: Do you have a problem?

GRACE: (clears throat) Ahhhh..Uhm…no absolutely not.

JASON: Great! Is your so called husband off today?

GRACE: No. He’s going to work…..

William interrupt

WILLIAM: Baby, you haven’t ironed my shirt…

GRACE: (pretending) Yes Aunty……hmmm…no problem we’ll talk later…bye..(hangs up the call)

GRACE: What were you saying?

WILLIAM: Was it your Aunt talking?

GRACE: Yes it was.

WILLIAM: What does she say?

GRACE: Uhmm….I told her about the pregnancy. She’s so happy.

WILLIAM: Wow, okay. I was saying you haven’t ironed my shirt.

GRACE: (smiles) Sorry, let me go iron it.

(Grace went to the laundry room and ironed her and Will’s outfits for the day. After ironing they wear them and Will went to work while Grace hangs around waiting for Jason)

Tell us: Why do you think most ‘fathers to be’ want their babies to be boys and not girls?