Somila : Chommie I was here this morning and you were not here.I came to check how you are you feeling today.

Pretty : Chommie,I’m not fine.I’m not fine,chommie…

Somila : We can call Khanya to take you to the hospital.Should I call him?

Pretty : No,don’t call him.

Somila : Why? You need to see a doctor,Pretty.

Pretty : I was at the hospital this morning.

Somila : Without telling me? What if something had happened to you on your way to the hospital?

Pretty : I told you I don’t want this baby.

Somila : So you are going ahead with it? Pretty you know I don’t think you should go ahead with this.What if something goes wrong?

Pretty : It’s already late,chommie.

Somila : What,what do you mean it’s already late?

Pretty : I drank the pill,chommie.

Somila : Yoh,Pretty.(her phone disturbed her) It’s my mom.

Noxy : Somi,where are you?

Somila : A friend needs me,Ma.

Noxy : I need you at the salon.

Somila : Pretty needs me,Ma.

Noxy : What’s wrong with her?

Somila : I don’t know.

Noxy : Then she needs to go to the hospital.Since when are you a doctor? Come to the salon right now.

Somila : But mama…

Pretty : It’s fine,chommie you can go,I’ll be fine.

Somila : Are you sure?

Pretty : The pain is not serious,I’m sure it will go away soon.

Somila : But chommie,you’ve already taken the pill.

Ptetty : Somi just go,your mother is waiting for you,I’ll be fine.

On her way to the salon,Somila sent Sino a text message,telling her to come back home her sister was not okay.

Sino found Pretty sitting on the floor with her hands on her stomach,crying.

Sino : (rushing to her) Pretty what’s wrong?

Pretty : I don’t know Sino.

Sino : Give me your phone so I can call your boyfriend to take us to the hospital.

Pretty : (handing Sino the phone)

Sino : Khanya hi,it’s me Sino,can you please get here fast I think something is wrong with Pretty.

Khanya : Okay I’m on my way.

Sino : Please Khanya,I don’t want to lose my sister.(panicking and not knowing what to do)

Khanya arrived.

Khanya : Baby,what’s wrong? (carrying her to the car) We need to rush her to the hospital.

Sino : Make it fast,let’s go.

Pretty passed out few minutes before they got to the hospital.

Sino : Pretty please open your eyes.Please wake up.Pretty open your eyes.Can you hear me? Pretty please mtase open your eyes.(crying)

Tell us : What do you think will happen next?