The next morning,Sphelo woke Pretty up and prepared to go to work.When Pretty got to her sister’s place,she found Yandisa making himself breakfast.

Pretty : Where’s Sino?

Yandisa : Good morning to you too.

Pretty : Morning.Where’s Sino?

Yandisa : She’s already gone to work.

Pretty : I didn’t know I’d find you here.

Yandisa : What do you want to have for breakfast,beautiful.

Pretty : No,it’s fine I’ll do it myself.(getting up to do her breakfast)

When she was about to open the fridge,Yandisa came behind her and held her waist.

Pretty : What are you doing? (pushing him)

Yandisa : You can relax.It’s only the two of us here.

Pretty : Please take your things and go.Get out! (opening the door for him)

Yandisa : I’m sorry,okay.I’m sorry please don’t tell your sister about this.

Pretty : I said get out! Sino will know about this.

Pretty locked the door,sat down on the floor and cried.She thought of how her life has just changed within two days.The fact that she lost her virginity to someone she just met and Yandisa busy touching her made her feel cheap and she blamed her sister for that.

Fiona : (knocking on the door and trying to open up) Pretty are you okay?

Pretty : (wiping her eyes and pretending to be okay) I’m fine.

Fiona : Open the door.I want to make sure if you are okay.

Pretty : (opening the door) Come in.

Fiona : Are you okay? I just saw your sister’s boyfriend leaving the room,what did he do to you?

Pretty : Nothing.It’s not him.

Fiona : You can talk to me.What’s going on?

Pretty : I don’t want to talk about it.

Fiona : Okay but if you need someone to talk to I’m here.

Pretty : Thanks.I will remember that.

After few days Sino brought her boyfriend to her room again and Pretty had to go sleep at Sphelo’s place.Things were not okay between them.Ever since Sphelo broke her virginity,he never showed an interest in her again.

Sphelo : Pretty? What are you doing here?

Pretty : Aren’t you gonna let me in?

Sphelo : Actually no I’m busy right now.Look I will call you,okay?

Pretty : Busy doing what? (pushing the door and forcing her way inside the house) I see.

Sphelo was with his girlfriend.

Sphelo’s girlfriend : Baby,who is this girl and what is she doing here?

Sphelo : Please go.I will call you.

Sphelo’s girlfriend : Are you cheating on me?

Pretty : Sphelo I have nowhere else to go.

Sphelo : What does that have anything to do with me?

Sphelo’s girlfriend : (slapping and pushing Pretty out) Get out! Tonight I will deal with you Sphelo.

Pretty had no choice but to go back to her sister’s place.On her way back to her sister’s place,she was stopped by a girl she met at the salon her sister once took her to,a year ago when she was there for the holiday.

Somila : Hey.

Pretty : Hi

Somila : Pretty? You still remember me,right?

Pretty : Not really…

Somila : I’m Somila,we met last year in December when your sister brought you to our Salon.NOXY’S SALON?

Pretty : Now I remember.Sorry.

Somila : What happened to you,you look like a mess.Are you sure you are okay?

Pretty : I’m fine.Nice to meet you again Somila but I have to go.

Somila : Okay,see you around.

Pretty went back to her sister’s place.

Sino : No marn Pretty,you can’t do as you please here this is my house.You left here going to Sphelo’s place and now you are back.What happened to you?

Pretty : I don’t want talk about it.

Sino : Let me get you a blanket.You will sleep on the floor.

Pretty had to sleep on the floor the whole night.The moaning sounds her sister made,made it difficult for her to sleep.She kept turning and tossing until she fell asleep.

Tell us : What do you think Pretty would have done to avoid this kind of situation?