Pretty : Sino,there’s something I need to discuss with you.

Sino : I’m sure whatever it is can wait mntase because right now I’m on my way out.

Pretty : But you just got here…

Sino : You can come with me,it’s fine.

Pretty : Okay but where are we going?

Sino : I’m going to see my friend,Sihle.He didn’t show up at work today and he’s not taking my calls.

When they got to his place,Sihle was with his,younger brother,Sphelo.

Sphelo : Ladies,please come in.

Sino : Is Sihle home?

Sphelo : He’s taking a nap but let me go and wake him up.

Sihle : (sitting up straight) I didn’t know you were coming?

Sino : No man I just wanted to check up on you and see if you are okay.

Sihle : I’m fine.I think I drank too much last night.

Sino : You are not serious,Sihle,again?

Sihle : I know,I know but it’s not going to happen again.

Sino : Why don’t you just quit drinking alcohol because clearly you have a problem.

Sphelo : I’ve been telling him the same thing.

Sihle : This time I’m done.

Sino : I hope you mean it this time.

Sihle : I’m serious this time.Enough about me…you haven’t introduced us.(looking at Pretty)

Sino : Oh,yes sorry guys,this is my sister,Pretty.

Sphelo : I’m Sphelo.Nice to meet you.

Pretty : Nice to meet you too,Sphelo.

Before they left Sphelo asked for Pretty’s number and she gave him.

Sino : Yandisa is coming over tonight so I don’t know what you will do.

Pretty : But he was here just yesterday…wait what do you mean by that?

Sino : He’s my boyfriend,Pretty so there’s nothing I can do.

Pretty : So you mean I won’t have a place to sleep tonight because of your boyfriend?

Sino : Maybe you can ask Sphelo.I saw how you two were looking at each other.I think he likes you.Sphelo can take care of you because he’s working.

Pretty : If I knew I would be in this kind of a situation,I wouldn’t have came here.

Sino : Oh,Pretty please! Stop whining.Sphelo will take care of you,he promised me.

Pretty : Wow! How can you do this to me?

Sino : I’m doing this for you and trust me you will thank me later.

Pretty : I thought you were my sister!

Sino : Pretty,I’m trying to help you here.Why don’t you see that?

Pretty : You are disgusting!

Yandisa arrived and Pretty was forced to make him something to eat.While she was busy with that,her cellphone rang.

Sino : You can take it,it’s fine I’ll take over from here.

Pretty : Hello.

Sphelo : Hey,beautiful.

Pretty : Who am I talking to?

Sphelo : I thought you would recognize my voice.It’s me Sphelo,Sihle’s brother.

Pretty : Oh…

Sphelo : Can I see you tonight?

Pretty : Tonight? No I can’t.(looking at Sino)

Sino : Don’t be stupid Pretty,we spoke about this.

Sphelo : It’s fine.I understand.

Pretty : I will come.

Sphelo : Are you sure because I don’t want you to feel like I’m forcing you.

Pretty : I’m sure.I want to come.

Sphelo : Okay I’m on my way to fetch you.

Sphelo took Pretty to his place.Bear in mind Pretty is still a virgin,she’s never slept with a guy before,but the day her sister brought her boyfriend over to her place is the day she lost her virginity but the worst part of it is that they didn’t use the protection.

Tell us : What do you think about the kind of a sister Sino is and the kind of situation Pretty finds herself in.