Yandisa : I heard you were at the hospital.How are you doing?

Pretty : I’m fine.

Yandisa : I know things are not okay between us but I really care about you.

Pretty : Thanks.

Yandisa : I mean it.I like you Pretty.

Pretty : What do you think Sino will think when she finds you here?

Yandisa : Sino and I broke up a week ago.

Pretty : But she hasn’t said anything to me.

Sino : (walking in on them without expecting her) Because it has nothing to do with you,Pretty.Yandisa,let me make one thing clear to you,you are free to date whom ever you want but please not my sister.

Yandisa : Get well,Pretty.I will see you.(closing the door behind him)

Sino : Pretty you need to focus on getting better and forget about guys.You almost died so you still need to rest.You will talk to me when you need something.

Pretty : Thanks,Sino.

Pretty got better.Her friend’s mother,Noxy asked her to help at the salon to keep herself busy and make some money.After two months Yandisa helped her to get a job.She moved out of her sister’s house and found herself an affordable place to stay.Nothing happened between her and Yandisa.They both moved on with their lives.

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