( it’s early in the morning and miss Smith is serving breakfast for Olivia and Emily)

Miss Smith: eat your breakfast before it gets cold and I don’t want you to be late on your first day to varsity..

Olivia : I won’t..stop worrying too much !!

Emily: Olivia is right mom nothing will go wrong ..stop stressing your self now ..

Miss Smith : Ok fine! Let’s dig in then ..

Emily : with pleasure

Olivia : can I borrow dad’s car ?

Miss Smith : take the keys..it’s all yours

Olivia : thanks mom you are the best!!

Miss Smith : take care of it ..

Olivia : let’s go Emily I will drop you to school !!

Emily : okay.lets hit the road!! Bye mom

Miss Smith : bye!!

( Olivia arrives early and met with her friend Jane)

Olivia : Hey Jane

Jane : Hey Olivia

Olivia: let’s take a look around

Jane : sure why not?

Olivia: this place is huge

Jane : our first class is about to start we have 15 minutes left!!

Olivia : Ok !

( They head back to class after their 15 minutes tour )

Professor: lm your history lecturer !! You may call me your professor

the whole class: yes professor !!

Professor: we will start our first lesson tomorrow morning but for now let’s get to know each other better…class dismissed!!

( Alex is chatting with his freind Mike )

Mike : So what happened between you and pearl

Alex : we broke up .it’s for the best

Mike : did you ever loved her??

Alex : it’s complicated..

Mike : if you say so !!

Alex : let’s change the topic please ..

Mike : fine !!

Alex : I think it’s lunch time let’s go and grab something to eat!!

Mike : Now you’re talking!!

( Olivia is enjoying lunch time with her friend)

Olivia : This burger is so good..

Jane : where’s your little sister Emily??

Olivia : she’s doing grade 12

Jane: Do you have a boyfriend??

Olivia : Not yet!!

Jane : what about Emily?

Olivia : she has one ..it’s bill Simpson

Jane : Alex’s twin brother??

Olivia : Yes !!

Jane: Bill is in high school??

Olivia : Yes !! He failed grade 10

Jane: ohh I see !!

Olivia : it’s almost time to go home

Jane : Do you mind giving me a lift

Olivia : why not !! Let’s get going!!