After a good night sleep, I was hallucinating about the day when Leticia finds out about yesterday.

Leticia:How dare you Caren!?I trusted you and you betrayed me on the night of my wedding day?!You disgust me!

I came back to life and I took a shower. I had an amazing idea, well to me,it was amazing. If I couldn’t date Damien because Leticia is in the picture, what if she were to move out of the picture and never come back? If being with Damien meant getting rid of my friend,so be it. I asked Leticia to meet me at a certain cafe. She arrived and before she’d arrived,I had already ordered spicy food which is her biggest allergy trigger.

Me: Hello Friend!How are you?

Leticia:I am good my friend,as you can see!(Laughs)

Me:How is Damien treating you?

Leticia: (With Sarcasm)Fine, what’s for lunch?

Me:Rice and chicken.

Leticia digged in and started coughing.Her face got red and her tongue got purple. I sat there watching her and I didn’t move a finger towards her. By the time I finished eating, Leticia was lying on the floor.

Me: Leticia,I warned you not to drink so hard girl!

I dug a ditch and buried Leticia there. I felt like I was on my way to a beautiful life with Damien.

Me: It’s like the old saying:”One for all and all for one”!Bye my friend!

I called Damien and he didn’t answer. So then I went home.