Damien leaned in closer as in to bribe me with a kiss so I could answer”Yes Damien, I want you”,but I dodged the kiss and stepped away from him.

Me: Damien I just can’t betray my friend like this.

Damien:Fine, but give me your number so I can know if you’ve changed your mind.

Damien got my numbers and drove me to my house. I sat on my bed and thought about what happened,it was a cheerful day but it had a hidden motive. My phone rang,it was Damien.

Me:He.. Hello?

Damien:I am at your door baby.

Me: What are you doing at my doorstep, and where is Leticia?

Damien:She decided to go to her family for one last day,so I decided to come and see you.

Me:Co..c… come in then.

Damien turned out to be a pretty humorous guy. His jokes were so funny, that my cheeks hurt from laughing. I had some leftover rice,hake and chips so I heated it up and we ate heartily.

Me: Isn’t it late for a married man, I mean it’s 21:47 and maybe Leticia is worried about you.

Damien:Oh no, she’s at her family’s house remember?

Me:Oh yeah. So what now?

Damien: I’ll go home then. Good bye.


The scent of Damien’s cologne stayed with me and lingered around me. I went to bed with a content heart.