It was the best day of my life,my best friend Leticia was getting married! It was a grand wedding and everyone was smiling and laughing while reminiscing about Leticia’s childhood. Finally the bride entered the chapel and the groom, Damien was smitten by Leticia’s beauty. Finally after a few hours the wedding was over.

Me: Leticia my friend, I am so happy for you! You are gonna enjoy living with Damien. He’s rich and famous, I mean he’s got it all.

Leticia:(Blushes)Oh you, that’s not why I am married to him,but if I was a different person…(Laughs)

My friend and her husband had to leave and go to their new house so I helped them to pack their things. To my surprise, Damien kissed my neck!

Me:Hey dude, what’s your problem? You’re a…. married man!

Damien: Can’t married men have fun just a little? Besides that Leticia of yours is so ugly,I won’t be able to look at her tonight. But you have everything I want and need;baby. Don’t you want me?

The truth was that I wanted him as much as he wanted me but the thought of betraying my friend made me feel like I was sinking in quicksand.