At Tamy’s

Minenhle: I will have a glass of red wine please. (To the waiter)

Thuto :And a beer for me (the waiter leaves) So I called you here because we need to talk


Thuto:yea so somethings changed since we last talked at your place. (waiter placing their drinks)

Minenhle:when you went off on me ,telling me about being legally husband and wife,Right ? (Taking a sip)

Thuto:Look mimi I know I was wrong for talking to you like that but I thought you would understand how this works that’s why I was mad .(Sipping his beer)

Minenhle:and how does it work exactly?

Thuto:See now we haven’t filed for divorce yet so there will be places we need to go to together, like parents meeting at school,shopping for kids and many things but that doesn’t mean we ain’t going to divorce, okay?(Holding her hands)

Minenhle:But that doesn’t mean you have to talk to me like that.

Thuto :I know and I’m so sorry (Kissing her hands)I love you Minenhle.

Minenhle:(Smiling) I hate this it’s too much sometimes it seems like you don’t care.

Thuto: (Sipping his beer)You like to worry…

Minenhle:(Sipping her wine) This wine is good I need to ask them what’s it’s name only if they will give me.

Thuto:I doubt they will ,don’t worry I know where you’ll get a good wine.

Minenhle:Take me there sometime.

Thuto:I will ….uhmmm we still need to talk .(looking nervous)

Minenhle:about what now?

Thuto:I don’t know how to say this. (finishing his beer in one gulp)

Minenhle:okay now I’m starting to get worried.

Thuto:Listen I appreciate your love,your loyalty ,your warmth, and a lot of things but …(heavy sighing)

Minenhle:Thuto?(looking worried)

Thuto:Hope and I have decided not to divorce anymore but it’s for the sake of kids because we don’t want to raise them separately ,we don’t want to deal with them when they’re older having depression and anger because of divorce…

Minenhle:(looking at him without saying anything)

Thuto:Mimi trust me this is not what I want too and I know I mislead you by thinking I was going to divorce her…(Taking her hands into his)

Minenhle:(Still looking at him deep in his eyes with tears flowing down her cheeks)

Thuto: Please don’t cry…I’m not breaking up with you we’re still together despite the situation..

Minenhle:(still quiet)

Thuto:please say something.

Minenhle:(Standing up and leaving)

Thuto:(sitting there looking at her leaving)