At mimi’s apartment ,she is on a call with Larona

Larona: Girl that man married her for 25 years just to cheat her with these social media influencers.

Minenhle:She has to leave that marriage with something, you said he is wealthy right?

Larona:Yes he is , you know me I’m the best lawyer and now we’re fighting for 50% of everything but he is denying he wants to give her 20% imagine!

Minenhle:You guys better win that 50% and rip his world apart(Laughing) Infact fight for 60% these men think we’re stupid.

Larona:Right !!! Speaking of stupid I saw Thuto today at the mall with his wife,are they still together?

Minenhle:Lala you know what I don’t want to talk about that man and he said he want us to talk tonight, I’m just so tired of his behavior. (Sigh)

Larona: Mimi please whatever he says just don’t change your mind about breaking up with him.

Minenhle:No I won’t change my mind…(There’s a knock at the door) I think that’s him at the door I heard a knock. Let me go we’ll talk, bye.

Larona :Bye

inside Minenhle’s apartment

Minenhle:You want something to drink?

Thuto: No I’m not staying,I just wanted to see before I sleep and get some action you know (winking at her)Come here.

Minenhle:(ignoring him) You said you want us to talk Thuto.

Thuto:Mimi I said that because you didn’t want to see me so I had to say something like that I knew you would agree now come closer why are so far from me?

Minenhle:No…we have to talk about you going to vacation with your soon to be divorced wife and to show that was for you two only you didn’t go with your kids,I don’t…

Thuto:I told you it was because….

Minenhle:I just don’t understand why would you go to the Maldives with the person you said you’re no longer feeling and your love for her has died?

Thuto :I went on a vacation with her to show her that we can’t rekindle our dead love and she realized that while we were at the Maldives Minenhle.

Minenhle:Now She knows so what’s next?

Thuto:We talked about going our separate ways,so next week we are going to file for divorce.Happy now?Come here please I missed you.

Minenhle:What about today at the mall with her,shopping together?but you are about to file for divorce ?

Thuto : Are you serious (looking annoyed) We were shopping for our kids “OUR KIDS” mimi ,is that illegal?Until our divorce is finalized we are still going to go to such places together and last time i checked we are still husband and wife!

Minenhle:What?Are you hearing yourself Thuto?

Thuto: (Standing up and heading to the door) I thought you would understand but clearly I was wrong. (Banging the door)

Minenhle:(hurt and surprised at the way Thuto was talking with her)