( Few minutes after dinner )

[ The gentle breeze and city lights brighten the patio view and white rose petals on floor as they sip on wine]

BELLA: The food was very nice, it’s crazy that you still remember my favorite dish.

DEVON FITZ: ( holds her hand ) Bella I remember everything about you like it was all yesterday.

BELLA: I tried, to see other people and I don’t know why but it always felt like a train wreck. Like I wasn’t getting nowhere.

DEVON FITZ: I know that feeling, I saw you in places that you were not there and I felt you in places that you were not even there. It was a heavy time for me.

[ Meanwhile ]

( on the phone )

MRS VERNER: Hey friend Did the packages arrive?

MRS HAYDEN: Oh yes friend and they look beautiful I’m definitely ordering another color soon.

MRS VERNER: You read my mind lol. How’s Bella doing over there? Still working hard?

MRS HAYDEN: You know her lol but atleast tonight she’s out on a date. I actually wanted to talk to you about it…. it’s Devon. He… came back.

MRS VERNER: That’s….good for them. Atleast it worked out in the end. I’m happy for them.

MRS HAYDEN: Yeah me too, they’re both adults and responsible. So I don’t even want to be involved this time around.

[ Meanwhile at Devon’s place ]

( As they kiss passionately )

DEVON FITZ: I am really looking forward to staying. I want to grow old with you, I want you Bella. I love you Bella.

BELLA: I love you too Devon and I am not going anywhere, this is our chance to make it work and I know we can.

DEVON FITZ: we definitely can babe ❤️.

* Thank you for reading this most unusual love story ❤️ I hope you attract Love on a soul level, the love that makes you be better and love truly without any resistance. The love that let’s you be safe in being emotionally vulnerable🪴 and grants you freedom 😘.