[At Bella’s home]

( Devon ringing the door bell )

MRS HAYDEN: ( opens ) Well well well look at you.

DEVON FITZ: ( Hugging her ) Mrs Hayden how are you, it’s been awhile.

MRS HAYDEN: it’s been a while ( hugging him back ) I’m good. Please come in, have a seat. She’s getting done.

DEVON FITZ: Thank you. I see you still love your garden.

MRS HAYDEN: ( laughs ) you know me, nature is Godly, can I get you anything to drink?

DEVON FITZ: Oh no I’m f….

( As Bella comes out in a nude brown dress, in silver heels, with a laid sleek bun and laid edges revealing her beautiful no make up face, carrying a silver clutch bag and jewelry matching her skin tone )

BELLA: Uh… is there something on my face? ( As Devon froze )

DEVON FITZ: ( snaps ) Oh no no no, you look… ( Swallows ) you look amazing Bella.

BELLA: ( blushes ) Thank you.

MRS HAYDEN: Oookay I think yall better get going before something happens in my kitchen.

BELLA: Mom! Oh my God… Devon let’s go ( As she pulls him out )

DEVON FITZ: ( laughs ) oh well bye Mrs Hayden.

MRS HAYDEN: Byeeee have a great time.

[ After 45 minutes ]

( At Devon’s place…. as he opens the door )

BELLA: Your house is beautiful, oh my God.

DEVON FITZ: Thanks and too huge lol, that’s why I stay with my….

SHAWN: Lord have mercy! You must be Bella ( As he extends his hand to her )

DEVON FITZ: ( Rolls his eyes ) as I was about to say, my cousin here shawn.

BELLA: ( chuckles ) Its nice to meet you Shawn.

SHAWN: Oh the pleasure is all mine mesmerizing lady. Your presence lights up this big house.

DEVON FITZ: Wow you’re doing too much.

SHAWN: ( laughs) whaat? I thought it was gonna be easy, she’s too beautiful I’m nervous too right now, damn!

( As they all burst with laughter )

SHAWN: Anyway let me head out, got a movie date with my favorite tomboy. Bye Bella.

BELLA: Bye Shawn.

* Let love unfold 🪴