( In the morning Bella preparing breakfast )

MRS HAYDEN: Mhhhm smells good in here, morning!

BELLA: ( Humming to the music )

MRS HAYDEN: ( Tapping her ) Hey, no airpods in the morning remember?

BELLA: ( Snaps ) Oh morning mom, breakfast is served.

MRS HAYDEN: Well Devon better stay for good this time around because I could get used to getting breakfast everyday ( teasing )

BELLA: ( laughs ) mom stop, I’m trying to calm my nerves down.

MRS HAYDEN: At 8Am in the morning? Your Dinner is at 7pm… You’ll have fainted by then.

BELLA: Ha ha ha funny, let me go find some outfit to wear. Enjoy your breakfast while it lasts ( walks away )

MRS HAYDEN: Oh I intend to darling!


( At Devon’s place )

SHAWN: So will I have the honor of meeting the ravishing Bella or you want me out of your house 6:30 sharp?

DEVON FITZ: I’d actually love for you to meet her, You’re my cousin afterall. But be nice, no crazy Shawn tonight.

SHAWN: ( rubbing his chest ) Ouch I’m offended! My personality is awesome and you know that! I might actually be your ice breaker, plus it’s been a whole 5 years, you need it.

DEVON FITZ: Gosh you’re right, now I’m Panicking ( phone beeps ) oh its her, she sent her location and a good morning smiley.

SHAWN: ( Laughs ) You are so Inlove its ridiculously funny to see you like this. I have to pick up Kate from campus, we’re doing movies tonight.

DEVON FITZ: Oh the Fast X movie, you know she’s been bugging me to get her a sports car, that child of mine is crazy.

SHAWN: ( laughs ) Her adrenaline rush is wild for a girl.

DEVON FITZ: ( laughs ) kate was never the sweet girl.

* Oh Disclaimer , Kate is lesbian now.