[ At Bella’s home ]

( Phone rings, as Bella takes it to her room)

BELLA: ( With food in the mouth ) H-hello.

DEVON FITZ: Hi, it’s Devon. Am I interrupting?

BELLA: Mhhhm ( Swallows food ) No no you’re not. Hy how are you doing?

DEVON FITZ: I’m great now that I’m hearing your voice. How’s your mom over there?

BELLA: She’s doing alright, I’m glad you called ( then regrets ) I mean, I never thought you’d remember.

DEVON FITZ: ( Laughs ) You have no idea how long I’ve been staring at my screen, I’m abit embarrassed now.

BELLA: ( Laughs ) Oh my gosh I cannot imagine you.

DEVON FITZ: Yeah right? I actually called to ask you to come over for dinner tomorrow, are you by any chance available? I mean if you’re busy then … (Bella interrupting him)

BELLA: I’d love too.

DEVON FITZ: Alright, You’ll send me your location and I’ll come pick you up? 7pm alright with you?

BELLA: Yeah 7pm sounds good.

DEVON FITZ: Okay then, see you tomorrow. Have a goodnight.

BELLA: Good night to you too ( hangs up the phone )

MRS HAYDEN: ( Peeping at the door ) And she’s smiling woooow. I’m guessing it went well.

BELLA: ( Laughs ) Will i ever get some privacy in this house mom! Gosh.

MRS HAYDEN: When you finally get your own place and start giving me grand babies thank you very much. Now what did he say? ( Blushing )

BELLA: Wow ( laughs ) he invited me for dinner at his place.

MRS HAYDEN: I guess my grand babies are on the way after all and maybe you could wear th- ( Bella interrupting )

BELLA: ( grabbing her hand and pulling her to the door ) Oh lord mom get ouuuuut! I’m too old for dating advices now.

MRS HAYDEN: I’m trying to heeelp!

BELLA: Why don’t you help Mr Kliff, the one you keep watching at the window when he does our garden?

MRS HAYDEN: ( Gasped with a smile ) Bella Karina Hayden good night (As she walks away shyly)

BELLA: Oh so you don’t want me in your business but you’re in mine, bye! ( Laughing )

* Do you believe that if people are meant to be they’ll always find their way to each other?