[ At Bella’s home ]

(Bella sitting on the couch staring at her Phone, while the TV went on and on)

MRS HAYDEN: Honey you’ve been staring at that phone for awhile now, food’s getting cold you know? I’m sure whoever is supposed to call will get back to you.

BELLA: (sighs) I guess i didn’t tell you, didn’t I?

MRS HAYDEN: ( sitting next to her ) Tell me what? Ever since you got here you’ve been quiet, is everything alright at work?

BELLA: Huh, didn’t realize I was that obvious. But no mom it’s not work. I bumbed into Devon Ealier at Cafe Dean today.

MRS HAYDEN: ( eyes pop with surprise) Oookay, Devon as in Devon Fitzgerald?

BELLA: Yes mom, thee Devon. And stop that, your eyes will fall out.

MRS HAYDEN: Well I’m sorry hey ( laughs ) I’m trying to figure out how the universe worked this one out. Literally I’m surprised.

BELLA: Yeah right? I feel like I wasn’t ready to see him. I mean I was happy to see him. But not ready. Does that make sense?

MRS HAYDEN: Bella it’s been 5 years honey, I think what you’re trying to say is that, you will never be ready or prepared to see him course you’re still in love with him.

BELLA: Exactly mom, it’s been 5years and I’m staring at this phone like that little girl back then. But I’m not in love with him.

MRS HAYDEN: Well, how you’re acting right now, is you telling you everything you need to know. I think you’re just scared to admit it.

BELLA: I think I’m gonna get my food now ( As she stands up )

MRS HAYDEN: ( laughs ) Yep run away, off you go!

[MEANWHILE at Devon place]

(After showering)

DEVON FITZ: ( Picks his phone contemplating to dial )

SHAWN: ( Leaning towards the phone screen ) Really? You froze at the dial button? I thought you’d be excited to call her.

DEVON FITZ: ( Pushing him away ) Hey! stop peeping in my business will you?

SHAWN: ( Giggling) Maybe I could help, you know this girl Dev, I’m sure its not that hard to catch up.

DEVON FITZ: That’s the thing! We didn’t really talk much, it all happened alittle fast, what if I call and then some Man picks up the phone?

SHAWN: (Laughs) Woah I can Imagine, with kids crying in the background ” daddy! daddy! spider man”

DEVON FITZ: That’s not funny Shawn! Why am I even taking advices from someone who’s single ugh.

SHAWN: (Dead with laughter) I’m joking! Just dial the number and stop being a punk. Let me give you some space ( As he walks to his bedroom )

DEVON FITZ: ( Breathes in and Out, then dials )

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