Life is not easy at all
Especially,when you are not working.
You always asks yourself,what am I going to do in this situation?
How am I going to survive while I don’t have money?
You always ask yourself so many questions ?
Which you end up failing to answer.
You end up being depressed 
You end up thinking about doing bad things.
Which will end up putting you in troubles
Sometimes you end up thinking about killing other people. 
For the sake of money.
Life is difficult when you have no money.
You cannot even spoil yourself without money.
Your beauty will disappear if you don’t have money
Everyone will see you as an ugly person.
Because only money can make you beautiful. 
Indeed life is difficult in this world
I hope everyone can be educated in order to help themselves. 
I hope everyone can get a better job in order to change their home situation. 
Don’t let lack of money put you in trouble. 
Because you will die young.
Which is total wrong.